Library Grant

Poteet ISD has been selected to receive the Innovative Approaches to Literacy Program funding. Funding provided for Poteet ISD will assist towards increasing and improving the literacy resources available to our students and parents. Program is provided for 2 years with over $400,000 of funding for the two-year period. Program funding will be used to address current inventory of literary resources available to our students and their families along with literacy development in the early years and across all academics for all of our students. Funding will also provide extended library access and provide engaging activities for parents promoting literacy in the early years of life and school.

Poteet Independent School District, Texas has developed an Innovative Approaches to Literacy grant that is designed to increase access to a wide range of literacy resources (both print and electronic) that prepare young children to read and provide learning opportunities to all participating students.  High-quality childhood literacy activities will be coupled with meaningful opportunities for parental engagements including teaching and encouraging parents to use literacy resources effectively and to read books to their children during their early years.

The project seeks to strengthen literacy development across all academic areas by providing literacy resources spanning a wide range of both complexity and content to effectively support reading and writing.  The project will offer appropriate educational interventions for all readers with support from school libraries.

Additionally, the project seeks to foster collaboration and joint professional development opportunities for teachers, school library personnel and school leaders with a focus on using literacy resources effectively to support reading and writing as well as academic achievement.  These literacy-rich academic and enrichment activities and services are aligned with the Texas college- or career-ready academic content standards and the comprehensive statewide literacy plan.