Substitute Teacher Information


You have been advised as to what is acceptable and unacceptable conduct in your position as substitute teacher.  The following is a summary of what directives and instructions you received during training.  The failure to follow these directives and instructions can result in disciplinary action including but not limited to termination.

  1. You must treat all Poteet ISD students with respect and courtesy. Demeaning, sarcastic, or degrading physical or verbal conduct toward students will not be tolerated.
  2. You must treat all Poteet ISD special education students with grace and dignity. They must be treated with the same respect and courtesy afforded to all other students.
  3. You must treat all Poteet ISD employees with professional respect and courtesy. Regarding your conduct toward other employees, you will abide by instructions and directives given to you by the campus administration.
    You must follow the lesson plans and instructional directives left for you by the classroom teacher. You must not digress from the instructional goals by teaching or expounding on matters that are not approved or sanctioned by the Poteet ISD.
  4. You shall not physically discipline a student. Other than routine physical contact such as a pat on the back, shaking a hand, high fives, normal recess or physical education contact, etc., you shall not make physical contact with a student.
  5. You shall not make comments of any sexual nature to students, staff or faculty.
  6. Any physical contact of a sexual nature with students is a crime under the Texas Penal Code. Such conduct will not be tolerated and will result in immediate termination.
  7. You will take all security measures seriously. You shall not divulge any security measures or information to family members, friends, or the general public. This is against school policy, is against civil law, and could constitute a crime under the Texas Penal Code.
  8. When there are any indications that a student may be sick or ill or their physical well being appears questionable, you must err on the side of caution and contact the school nurse or other campus administrator immediately.
  9. Should Human Resources receive any reports or complaints about your performance as a substitute, you will be provided sufficient information about the complaints and you will be given l0 days in which to respond in writing (unless the conduct merits immediate termination). Normally the name of the teacher or teachers involved will not be disclosed. During that 10-day period and at anytime thereafter, you are not allowed to make any contact (in person, via telephone, or via e-mail) with any Poteet ISD employee that you believe is involved in the report or complaint. The Administration will determine if it is necessary for you to make such contact. If it is necessary, the administration will direct and coordinate the contact.