Software Discount


Dear Parents,

Through an agreement with Microsoft Corporation and other vendors, students and teachers can now purchase several software products at substantial discounts.

Journey Education Marketing is handling the fulfillment of these products for our students, teachers and staff. Products can be ordered online at or by calling 800.874.9001. You will be required to send Journey Ed proof of your child’s status as a student. This can be a photocopy of their school ID or a copy of a recent report card.

Journey Education Marketing will handle and is responsible for the entire transaction, including:

  • Students, teachers and staff can place their order online or through their 800 number
  • Verification of educational or employment status
  • Ensure customer purchases only one copy of any product
  • Ensure customer agrees to the terms of the Microsoft License Agreement
  • Product shipped directly to the customer’s home from their warehouse
  • Customer service issues handled either by e-mail or phone directly with Journey Ed.

This program offers substantial savings to you on these selected Microsoft programs.